Dr. Frank Krieg-Schneider


  • 25+ years of industry experience in the IVD and Life Science markets on a global level.
  • Held executive positions at leading diagnostic companies including QIAGEN and r-biopharm.
  • Covered leading roles from product development, portfolio management, strategy to sales and marketing responsibilities.
  • Facilitated new and innovative product developments and above market revenue growth rates by identifying early market needs and creating novel business activities.
  • At leading stool diagnostics company, r-biopharm, as Vice President Clinical Diagnostics, he was responsible for sales and marketing, as well as key development programs and grew revenue from low double-digit €million to close to triple €million.
  • In his role as CEO of PCR technology startup company, GNA Biosolutions, he drove the launch of an innovative ultra-fast PCR cycler setting the stage for a successful acquisition.
  • At leading biotech and molecular diagnostics company, QIAGEN, he was responsible for the development of major sample preparation product line, QIAamp and on the commercial side built the OEM and Second Brands business from $0 to high $double digit, as well as shaping the molecular diagnostics strategy through portfolio team activities.