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Saving Lives Through
Innovative Molecular
Diagnostic Solutions

Early identification of Cancer saves lives.

To be effective, sample collection needs to be simple, readily available, and affordable.

We develop innovative products and product candidates that quickly and easily identify the early onset of several leading deadly conditions – such as colorectal (“CRC”) and pancreatic cancer.

Our goal is to place effective solutions where they need to be… In your hands.

Mainz BioMed (NASDAQ: MYNZ) – founded in Germany and aiming to become a leading provider of easy-to-use diagnostic solutions for patients everywhere.

Mainz BioMed (NASDAQ: MYNZ) develops market-ready molecular genetic diagnostic solutions for life-threatening conditions.

Clinical laboratory tests save time, costs and lives by enabling early detection and prevention of disease.

Patients with cancers and other conditions are living longer and enjoying better health because of a medical revolution in diagnostic technology.

At its center are genetic and genomic tests that identify the unique genetic profile of individual patients or their disease and allow physicians to tailor treatment to those unique characteristics.




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