Screenings should START AT 45 YEARS OF AGE

Recent FDA decisions suggest that screening should be conducted once every three years starting at age 45.

Currently, there are 112 Million Americans aged 50+, a total that is expected to increase to 157 million within 10 years.8

Risk Group Patients 7
  • BMI > 30
  • High-fat/-sugar nutrition
  • Consumption of red/processed meat
  • Consumption of tobacco/alcohol
  • Chronic bowel diseases
  • Breast cancer
  • Diabetes mellitus type 2, etc.
1Internal calculations per number of annual tests. 2Internal calculations per number of tests over ten years. 3 Predicted deaths from CRC in USA –    4 19 million colonoscopies annually –   5 Percentage of screening in USA – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.   6 Internal calculation: 112M individuals/3 X $100 USD = $3.7B USD yearly.    7 Colorectal cancer risk factors –    8 Population Reference bureau –



PATIENT KIT: Simple, Fast, Accurate and Non-Invasive

Patients receive a simple kit that includes instructions, a stool collector and shipping instructions to return the kit through regular mail to their local lab for testing and results. IT’S THAT EASY.9


9 Currently not approved for use in the USA

10 Comparing ColoAlert sensitivity with FITs (Gies et al. Gastroenterology 154/2018)

11 98% overall satisfaction with ColoAlert in our internal customer survey.

Proprietary state-of-the-art technology

*Dollinger MM et al. (2018), ClinLab 64 (10), 1719-1730 and Gies et al. (2018). Gastroenterology 154 (1), 93-104.and Cooper GS et al. (2018). Dig Dis Sci. 63 (6), 1449-1453. * 18 study centres, 566 patients, 10/2018 and Amani et al. (2019). Clin. Lab. 65:1751-1754.


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